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What to look for when shopping for a screen protector

13 April 2023

What to look for when shopping for a screen protector


When it comes to protecting your smartphone or tablet, one of the most important accessories you can purchase is a screen protector. Screen protectors are designed to shield the display of your device from scratches, scuffs, and other types of damage that can occur during everyday use. However, not all screen protectors are created equal, and there are several factors to consider when shopping for one.

Here are some things to look for when shopping for a screen protector:


  1. Compatibility: The first thing you need to consider when shopping for a screen protector is compatibility. Not all screen protectors are designed to fit every type of device. Make sure you purchase a protector that is specifically designed for your device’s make and model. Ghost Armor offers protection for almost any device, as well as case friendly options.
  2. Material: The most common materials used for screen protectors are tempered glass and plastic. Ghost Armor is made of Military Grade Polyurethane rubber, providing vastly superior protection to the run-of-the-mill plastic screen protector. 
  3. Clarity: The clarity of the screen protector is an important consideration. You want a protector that doesn’t interfere with the clarity of your device’s display. Ghost Armor is almost completely undetectable- it’s how we got our name 😉 
  4. Anti-glare: If you plan to use your device outdoors, an anti-glare screen protector may be a good option. These protectors reduce glare and reflection, making it easier to see your device’s display in bright sunlight. Our Matte protection reduces glare and eliminates finger prints! 
  5. Installation: Some screen protectors are easier to install than others. Our wet install method is the easiest way to avoid smudges, bubbles, and bumps- and for a guaranteed perfect install, stop by one of our Ghost Armor locations. 


In addition to the factors above, there are a few other things to keep in mind when shopping for a screen protector. First, make sure you purchase a protector from a reputable manufacturer. There are many cheap, knockoff protectors on the market that may not provide the protection you need. Ghost Armor was engineered in 2007, and our loyal customers can attest to why we are the best screen protection on the market.


Second, consider purchasing a protector that comes with a warranty. In addition to a warranty, Ghost Armor also offers a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee


Finally, remember that even with a screen protector, your device is not completely invulnerable. It’s still possible to damage your device if it’s dropped or subjected to extreme conditions. However, a screen protector can help reduce the risk of damage and prolong the life of your device.


In conclusion, when shopping for a screen protector, consider compatibility, material, clarity, anti-glare, installation, and warranty. By taking these factors into account, you can choose a protector that offers the protection you need without breaking the bank.