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Ghost Armor vs Tempered Glass – Ultimate Guide

23 November 2023

Ghost Armor vs Tempered Glass – Ultimate Guide

When it comes to keeping your device safe, the choice between Ghost Armor and other screen protectors, including Tempered Glass, can be crucial. You may asking, what options are available, and what’s the difference?

Ghost Armor’s Military Grade Polyurethane

Ghost Armor’s classic trusted screen protector is made from Military Grade Polyurethane (a versatile polymer), great for tough scratches and minor impacts. Imagine placing your phone in the same pocket as your keys – thanks to the Military Grade Polyurethane, your phone’s screen will remain scratch-free. Our Polyurethane screen protectors are available in a clear and matte finish for all devices.

Ghost Armor Polyurethane Screen Protector

Ghost Armor’s Premium Tempered Glass

Ghost Armor doesn’t stop there – we also carry Premium 0.4mm Tempered Glass screen protectors, great for higher impacts. Our Tempered Glass keeps the same premium glass feel of the device’s screen and is designed to shatter upon high impacts, acting as a barrier to keep your phone’s expensive screen intact. Tempered Glass is available in regular and privacy for select iPhone models.

Ghost Armor Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Unique Install Process

One big difference of our Polyurethane from our Tempered Glass is its unique wet install process. During installation, the Polyurethane screen is misted with solution to carefully and precisely place it on the device. A simple squeegee effectively removes any trapped solution and air bubbles. On the other hand, the Tempered Glass is dry to install. Just peel-off and stick-on.

Lifetime Replacements

One standout feature of Ghost Armor vs competitors is our commitment to customer satisfaction. With every Ghost Armor screen protector purchase, whether Military Grade Polyurethane or Premium Tempered Glass, this program allows users to order replacement screens at just the replacement cost.

Let’s Wrap it Up

In the ongoing question of Ghost Armor vs Tempered Glass, the answer is we carry both. Whether you opt for the classic Ghost Armor Polyurethane or the Premium Tempered Glass, you can be confident in the protection provided!